4-640 Hyde Park Road
London, Ontario, N6H 3S1

Hyde Park Medical and Walk in Clinic has shut down operation effective December 15, 2020. If you have any medical concerns you are encouraged to contact your family physician or attend another walk-in clinic. Unfortunately we're not able to respond to any enquiries at this time.

To obtain a copy of your chart please fill out the Patient Consent Form and email the request to hydeparkmedical@hotmail.com We will let you know whether you need to send us a cheque, or whether your chart request can be paid for through our website. For chart sizes of 20 pages or less, please use the below "Add to cart" button to order a copy of your chart. For chart sizes greater than 20 pages, we will advise you of what the charges are and where to mail your cheque.

Patient Consent Form

4-640 Hyde Park Road, London, Ontario, N6H 3S1